Skill Training Curriculum

We encourage participants to examine their own attitudes and behaviors in relation to responsible living. Many of our potential clients have never been exposed to an environment where they could learn the life skills essential to their success in life.

  • Life Skills, precisely defined, problem-solving behaviors that are appropriately and responsibly used in the management of personal affairs.
  • Appropriate use requires an individual to adapt the behaviors to time and place.
  • Responsible use requires maturity or accountability.

Without this foundation of social learning/problem-solving behaviors our clients cannot receive other living skills that will allow them to continue their education or seek and maintain employment. We offer the power of change by presenting positive alternatives to replace negative learned behaviors.

Our goal is simple to increase the quality of life for our participants and the people in their lives. Ideally this will show in areas such as: a decrease in involvement of crime; plans for further education; achieving part or full time employment; development of morals, values and dignity; commitment to counselling for further healing; reuniting families via child welfare; alleviation of grieving issues, judicial issues, personal history issues and anger management.

Life Skills Core Units

Our Life Skills curriculum will focus on five areas of life responsibility:

Skills Chart

Life Skills List
Although the above outlined sets our 15-week Life Skills Training course, please keep in mind participants may disclose an array of personal problems unique to them. When these problems lend themselves to be handled in the Life Skills group, they then become part of the course outline and will be dealt with at that time.