Life Skills Program

The Life Skill Program, once we are underway, is intended to include:

  • 15 weeks of life skills training, combined;
  • Integrated anger management training;
  • 50 hour job placement that partners with local community businesses to gain
    skills and experience;
  • Weekly classes in nutrition and budget planning through the adjoining Community Kitchen.

Participants will be guided by Certified Life Skills Coaches in groups of 8 to 10 in a classroom (due to COVID restrictions) followed by individual community placements.

Program Outline:

We anticipate this running Monday through Thursday, 8:30 to 3:30 PM the program will benefit from a variety of delivery methodologies. Sensitivity to client differences of beliefs will be integral to all program activities; Elders and traditional learning/healing will play an important and visible role in our program. Home visits and personal contact will support registered participants in identifying and managing their specific life challenges. Participants attendance and positive program participation will be monitored daily and reviewed weekly. A certificate will be issued to participants using a pass/fail evaluation after the completion of the 50 hour job placement program is a mandatory requirement.

Life Skills coaches will review participants as they progress through the 15 week course. Weekly evaluations will consist of:

1. attendance
2. respectful attitude toward self and others
3. participation in group discussion
4. completion of assigned tasks
5. willingness to do the job placement.
6. transference of skills into daily living
7. keeping track of work hours with authorized signatures